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“I have been looking for a quick solution for touchups that I can do quickly and easily without a lot of hassle. As I was browsing the internet for a good solution, I came across Dipsy Dabber which was exactly what I was looking for. My favorite product for quick and easy paint touch ups!”


“I was actually shocked at how may paint cans I was storing. To eliminate the clutter, I started transferring my paints into the Dipsy Dabbers. I’m more likely to actually do touchups now that it’s so easy!”


“If there is something I LOVE it’s a great solution for a common problem. I was ecstatic when I received the Dipsy Dabber. It was a cinch to touch up the paint. Now, instead of having lots of gallon sized paint cans with only a little paint in each one, I can neatly store my paints and easily use them for touch ups when needed!”