How it started....

My wife asked me if I would touch up some of the rooms in our home that have nail holes from pictures or marks on the walls and baseboards from the Kids. I kept putting off this project because this means finding the right paint color for each room, cracking the metal lid off the cans, finding a stir stick, and buying paint brushes for the taskā€¦ Then there is the clean up. This simply is a lot of work.

There has got to be a better way! And that is when we developed a simple solution to this problem. The Dipsy Dabber is a container that stores left over paint in a small, stack-able, airtight, container for long-term storage. The container has a built in paint brush connected to a smaller lid on top of the container that can easily be removed for those small touch-ups.

The Dipsy Dabber is so easy to use. It really is just a matter of shaking the container to mix up the paint and unscrewing the dabber/brush to apply the paint. We now just put a Dipsy Dabber in a room with the corresponding paint. They are small enough to fit conveniently in a closet or cabinet. So now, if a wall needs to be touched up, we can take care of it in seconds with no cleanup.